Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some Things Your Kids Can Do This Summer

Summer is certainly a time when student, teachers, and even principals need some time to re-charge and prepare for the challenges that will meet us when we return to school in August.  However, while it is important for everyone to get a little rest and relaxation, getting too far away from school isn't necessarily a good idea.  Speaking as a principal, I honestly never get totally away as there are at most five days a summer that I don't do something related to school.  And, most teachers work off and on throughout the summer, taking classes, preparing new instruction, or simply refining some of the things they do.  There are things that students can do as well to keep their brains engaged and to insure that they don't backslide on some of the important things that they have learned.  Here are a few suggestions from Dustin Le in Edudemic that you may want to consider with your own kids!
Ten Creative Ways Students Can Have A Better Summer Break