Saturday, September 15, 2018

What Is Good and Bad Social Media?

I have subscripted to a newsletter from for quite a while and have found an incredible amount of very good information on this site.  Yes, it is a commercial site and they are trying to sell you something, but the free information is very good as well.  The individual who started the site, Josh Ochs, does a very good job explaining the various social media platforms, as well as providing important information that parents should know.  I encourage you to explore the site when you have a chance.  For the purposes of this edition of my blog, take a look at the video on the page.  The title indicates it is about the negative effects of social media, but it does touch on some of the positives as well.  Perhaps you will find some useful information that will help you make decisions relative to your child’s use and access.   

Before you access the site, one quick thing I want you to consider.  If your child has a smart phone and accesses social media, whether YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram, they have been involved in negative use at least at some level.  Even if they haven’t posted something negative, they have been at least exposed to it.  Or, they have been impacted by it in a negative way because of the relationship they have with other students.  As a parent, you have authority over your child’s phone and their use.  I strongly encourage you to educate yourself about social media and various apps as you would if your child had a serious medical condition, and then take control of your child’s use.  What goes on with social media can have a much more severe impact on your son or daughter than many medical conditions.  You need to do it for them.  

The Negative Effects of Social Media for Teens