Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dangerous Apps Your Kids May Be Using

It has been a while since I have relied on Tim Elmore for one of my blog posts.  Elmore provides a great deal of advice on raising young people to parents and educators, and I strongly encourage you to subscribe to his blog Growing Leaders.  For this installment of my blog I am recommending that you take a little bit of time and read an article he recently posted about some apps that kids are using that most of us adults no little or nothing about.  And, like others that I have shared out on in previous blogs and in the high school newsletter, in the hands of teens these apps can present some real dangers.  I am not suggesting that we continue to wrap out kids in bubble wrap to protect them from the mean, nasty world out there, but I believe that the more we know about what our kids are doing, the better chance we can have open and informed conversation with our kids to help them make better choices.  

Five Dangerous Apps Parents Don’t Know Teens Use

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